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 Subtitles: English / hindi

 Toshiro Mifune plays Dr. Kyoji Fujisaki a young idealistic doctor who works at his father's (Takashi Shimura) clinic in a small and seedy district. During the war, he contracts syphilis from the blood of a patient (Kenjiro Uemura) when he cuts himself during an operation. Contaminated with a disease that was virtually incurable in 1940s Japan, Fujisaki returns home from the war to the clinic presided over by his obstetrician father. Treating himself in secret and tormented by his conscience, he rejects his heartbroken fiancée Misao, (Miki Sanjō) without explanation. He had been engaged to Misao for six years but has still not set a date due to his disease. Minegishi (Noriko Sengoku), a probationary nurse that he took in after he prevented her suicide attempt, learns of his illness and sacrifice. She dedicates herself to becoming a fully qualified nurse. Misao becomes engaged to another man. She makes one last plea to Fujisaki but he stands firm in rejecting her. The end of the film shows him continuing his work as a surgeon.
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