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Contribute your part for Thamizh Studio’s IFFC 2021 - India’s first crowd-funded film festival

Film Festivals happen all over the world. But there are only very few festivals which are serving the true purpose of a festival, which is to showcase good, yet not-well-showcased cinema to a wider audience. IFFC is one such important festival in India. It showcases contemporary Independent films and doesn’t stop itself from just screening films. It nourishes budding filmmakers’ talent, makes them aware of the Indie techniques and Indie scene throughout the world. Independent Film Festival of Chennai (IFFC) is gearing for it’s third edition coming February. It’s one of the most important initiatives of Thamizh Studio. Thamizh Studio is a film movement working towards good cinema based out of Chennai. It was initially started as a website in 2008 by Arun Mo. Rather than us giving an introduction about Arun Mo, here’s an introduction given by Rotary Club of Madras North while inviting him as a guest speaker – "He has revolutionized the public discourse on cinema, in particular that on Tamil Cinema and its aesthetics and its socio-political engagement." Now coming back to Thamizh Studio, it has been actively working towards good cinema ever since its inception in 2008. Most important branches of Thamizh Studio are Padimai Film tranining movement, Pesaamozhi publication, Padachurul monthly magazine, Karuppu online media, Assistant Directors Training Centre and Pure Cinema Bookshop.

Now coming to the most important question – ‘Its fine that you’re showcasing often forgotten Indie films through IFFC, but why should I contribute to your festival? Why should it be MY concern?’ Before answering that, we need to raise another question – ‘Why are we (Thamizh Studio) conducting this festival? What’s in it for us?’ For those who are travelling with us for quite some time, they would know this answer. For others, we shall put it plain and clear – We are doing it only for our society, Tamil Cinema, Future filmmakers and to provide a fillip to Tamil Independent filmmaking. There’s no hidden or additional agenda whatsoever to IFFC. Secondly, what/who will be the apt funding source for such festival? Answer for this festival lies in another question – ‘Who will benefit from this festival?’, whose answer is ‘You, you family, Your friends and Your society.’ For lack of time, we had directly derived to this answer. But when it comes to people festivals, the same outcome had already been arrived by various thinkers and philosophers too. So, of course the apt funding source for festivals like IFFC will be the people, which includes you too. We could canvass large corporates or work alongside government to receive funding. But it will dilute our vision. So, we rely on people to support us both financially and morally. People will never fail those who stand for them and stand by them. Likewise, I hope you also will stand by us and support us financially for successfully conducting IFFC 2021.

See you on 30th of January!

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